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"Open your eyes Dean."


"Open your eyes Dean."

        [Just gonna work out and forget about the past year, for a few hours or more]

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"Okay…" Jackson answered simply, giving a single nod. He wasn’t sure if it was just because he was in heat but something about knowing Derek actually wanted to have sex with him excited Jackson in more ways than one. Sure, there was still a part of him that thought this was all incredibly weird but this was almost completely drowned out by his heightened sexual urges. “Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to be long at all until I get to that point,” Jackson admitted. He’d been able to take care of himself to begin with but each time the need for actual sex just grew stronger and stronger. Jackson sighed heavily upon hearing that this wasn’t the end of it. He was glad it wasn’t going to be a monthly thing but getting this uncontrollably desperate every few months was hardly good news. “So, err… do you have one of those knot things I could use?”

"Yeah." He nodded his head and gave Jackson a look. He wasn’t sure if the other was taking him seriously or if his heat was just getting to him too much already. He licked his lips a little and couldn’t help but let out a sigh. "You don’t have long until you get to that point, that’s for damn sure." He folded his arms across his chest and took in a deep breath. Regretting it almost immediately, once he could smell Jackson even more. He shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. Now was not the time for him to lose it. He tilted his head to the side and couldn’t help the smirk that spread across his lips. "In fact I do have a knot that you could use. But you see the thing is—— I’d have to fuck you for you to get my knot." He didn’t think this was going to end well at all.


     Before Laura, they were like freaking were-rabbits or something. Constantly going at it every chance they got. They could brush against each other on accident, then disappear for the next hour because of it. And he loved that. He loved fatherhood too, but he was really missing all that spontaneous sex too. ❝ F-fuck, good. Love that. ❞ He moaned against his lips, working down in to each thrust up that Derek made. His claws gripping down along the muscled curves of his front. Working up a good speed that might please the both of them, as lips started working down his mate’s neck.

          Derek loved their sex life before Laura was born. Random sex, like pulling over to the side of the road just because one of them got too horny just sitting in the car with the other. But he did love their daughter. Even if it meant they could no longer that hours exploring the other’s body. His hands moved up from his mate’s hips and slowly up his sides. He moaned and thrusted his hips up into his mate a little harder. Needing to hear the noises his mate would make. “Fuck.. So good.” He breathed out, tiling his head to the side, to give his mate room at his neck. 

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                                        ❛Oh —— I don’t know,❜ replied Kol, each syllable rolling off
                         of his tongue carelessly,  his body moving aimlessly with the ease of
                         his words,   I’d  like  to  think  you  wolves  probably  take  our   little
                         impositions twice as  well  as  vampire’s  take to thinly veiled threats
                         from dogs.❜

                                        He’d   been  around  far  too  long  to  know  how  to   read
                         between lines — to hear what was left unsaid, no matter how deeply
                         hidden from plain view.   He could catch a threat a mile away,   and
                         he wasn’t going to be scared or put out of his ease by the pitiful howl 
                         of a mutt and no bite.   And  even  the  bite  he  could cure.   Either
                         way he did not take kindly to threats however  they  were  given — it
                         was a sure way to break open his quick temper.    His narrow-minded
                         wrath.    But by chance  you  take  them  half as well,    you’re quite
                         welcome  to  take  a  stab  at  killing  me.   Not  that  it  will  get  you
                         anywhere but an early  g r a v e.❜

                                        Really, why did they always have to bark back?

                                        ❛I’m not here for any reason other than to see,   to explore,❜
                         he added — and it wasn’t exactly a lie. Moving around the world was
                         a good way to  pass  the  time  of  his  ever-expanding  immortal life,
                         new towns came into play on that front. New people:  new prey:  new
                         acquaintances: new feats. New history to lay down in the name of his
                         family.   What  makes  you  think  there’s  anything sinister about it?
                         Have you not met the humanity draped of my kind?

     Derek rolled his eyes at the vampire’s words. “No one is threatening you - yet at least.” He tilted his head to the side, slightly. His eyes watching the vampire carefully. “Besides, you’d know if I was threatening you. It would invole me threatening to rip a part of your body off with my teeth or my claws. And I hadn’t mentioned them before, so calm down there, sweetheart.”

     ”Also, if you stay in town long enough, some other big bad will just come here and kill you for me, so I don’t really need to worry about it.”

     Even if he was actually threatening the vampire, he wasn’t going to say it out loud. He was keeping it to himself for the moment. He didn’t have a real reasont to kill the vampire just yet. But he might and when or if he did. He’d have one hell of a time trying to kill him.

     ”Don’t worry, if I do decide to try and kill you, I know we’ll both have fun trying to kill each other. It’ll be a blast, one to tell the family.” He let out a low laugh and shook his head a bit, before a sigh slipped pass his lips.

                       Family, just the topic Derek didn’t need to get them started on.

     ”To see and explore? —— Well then, look around you. Beacon Hills isn’t much. A small town surrounded by accers of woods.” He wasn’t lying, their town was complete crap and had nothing to offer anyone new. “You’re a vampire, in a new town. Which happens to be filled with werewolves, so you tell me how I couldn’t possibly thing anything sinister about that.”

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    ❝ I’ll show you later, sourwolf. ❞ Stiles huffed softly against his skin. And he would, when he wasn’t trying to strip the wolf naked so the man could fuck him silly. See, to Stiles, that was the priority here. Hence why he was soon going to undo the wolf’s jeans, all while still working on his neck. That gorgeous and perfectly scruffy neck that he just licked and nipped and kissed while hips rocked down. Making a ‘ah-ha!’ sound when he managed to get those jeans open, trying to push them down. Which took some wiggling and moving away on his own part, but he got them. After nearly falling off the bed, too.

          “You better. Or I’ll have to ban kissing from here on out.” He smirked and let out a low laugh. He tilted his head to the side, giving Stiles all the room he needed at his neck. His hands gripping onto the other’s hips a little more firmly as he rolled his hips up to meet the others. He let out a low laugh when Stiles finally got his pants open. He licked his his hips to help him out, reaching out to grab onto Stiles so he wouldn’t fall off the bed. “Careful there, wouldn’t want to explain to anyone why you have a broken arm or neck while you are a boner.” He teased.