College Fixer Upper 

              A group of college student’s finally found a house they could all afford, And all comfortably fit in without having too many people crammed into one room, even if it’s a fixer upper. One they can all help out to fix.
              They all work together to fix the house up in between classes and projects and the piles of papers they need to get done each semester. But it’s their house, no one can kick them out or say they can’t be there.
                         Parties, Fights and shenanigans included: Should be a fun few years!


1. Have fun, it’s a college au for fucks sake.
2. Don’t bring your ooc drama or other rp drama into the group, I will remove you from it.
3. Make sure to cut down your posts, I am mobile a lot while at work and it annoys the hell out of me to have to scroll a mile to see what’s going on.
4. Did I mention have fun?
5. NO ship hating will be tolerated. So you must be open minded about all ships that may/will happen.
6. Muse & Mun must be at least 18 years old.


Derek Hale: broodingmystery
Peter Hale: sassycreeperwolf
Stiles Stilinski: iremembertwistingit
Jordan Parrish: frxmtheashes

Characters Needed:

Anyone from Beacon Hills (Alive, Dead or mentioned on the show) who’s willing to do a college au.

Will be tracking: v: college fixer upper

Contact me if interested.
             If we haven’t pred with each other before I will ask you to submit a small writing sample, involving our characters doing something or other within the verse. Sorry. I am too lazy to creep on people’s pages to see their rps.

(via broodingmystery)

thelonesourwolfalpha asked: Kisses his husband repeatedly

Kisses him back and smirks.

thelonesourwolfalpha asked: Nibbles on Derek's neck, leaving teeth marks as he did.

Growls at his husband.

thelonesourwolfalpha asked: Sucks at the other's neck as hard as he can, wanting to leave a mark on the other's neck, hoping it would stay. Grabbing his husband's crotch while at it.

Grips onto his husband’s hair and presses as close to Derek as he can. Letting out a low whine.

thelonesourwolfalpha asked: Bites is husband's neck as hard as he could, with K9 fangs and everything, drawing blood, but not caring. Leaving his mark on his husband's neck.

Growls at Derek and pokes at his husband’s chest. “That hurts.” 


      “But it won’t be any time soon.”


               ”Well good, I’d hate for it to be anytime soon.” 

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Where’s my lady?


Derek smirked and pinned his girlfriend on the bed and smirked at the fact they were still naked, and rolled down against her, nipping at her neck, humming.

Dericka let out a low growl when she was pinned down against the bed. She licked her lips as she tilted her head to the side to give him more room at her neck. She also wrapped her legs around his waist with a smirk.

| justkirayukimura |


"I mean people that you are going to sleep it, which I’m sure I’m not in that list for obvious reasons. I have given you proof enough that you can trust me, you and the pack actually…"


"Is not shy about sex, is shy and insecure about myself while at it. I guess that feeling will go away eventually. You know, being so exposed to someone…I can’t tell about the kinks yet, but I’m sure that when I start to explore I will start to find out and I can tell you which ones I like and not…"


"I know that, but hey, I can try. And after losing your wolf powers and being now human…sort of, you can’t really hope to survive. I’m still a Kitsune, remember?"

"Who says you aren’t on that list? You never know, every single and available women in this town could be on my list. Well I mean everyone over the age of eighteen, at least." 

"How can you be so shy about something this is just a natural thing for people to do? And I am not sure you really want to tell me what your kinks are when you find them out. Not even sure why you would want to in the first place."

"I can hope to survive at least another day, Can’t I? And just because I’ve lost my wolf powers and all that good stuff, that doesn’t mean that I am weak enough to lose to a new Kitsune."