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We’ll double team Leigh. ;D

Yes, I like that plan.


-cuddles and loves on and never lets go-

-clings too forever-

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Yes goooddd. Best threesome ever.
theboyinthehoodie replied to your post:
I am okay with this!

I am glad you are both in and okay with it. And I agree, it is the best threesome EVER <3333333


Yeah 3 different Peter Rp’ers were pretty drunk and it was interesting to sat the least. But yesh I missed you and or verses and our threads and Derek. ; - ; 

OMG! I can’t believe I missed that. Derek would have had so much fun with 3 drunk Peters! I missed you too and Derek misses you both.

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[tackles you both and steals away for threesome tbh]

I am okay with this!!!

Two more things while I am here: 

CUT YOUR FUCKING POSTS PLEASE! I am sorry, but I will unfollow you if you don’t.  We can still rp either way, but I just won’ be following you anymore. If I didn’t go on mobile as much as I do, to stalk all of your asses, I actually wouldn’t care if you didn’t cut your posts. But do you have any idea how long it takes to get through one page on my dash when people don’t cut their posts down? IT TAKES FOREVER. 

Also! I will be going through the people I am following and I am going to start unfollowing people. People who have stopped rping with me, People who have ignored me, and People who I just don’t rp with at all.

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-Screeches cause I see mah bby!!!!-

-jumps on and clings too and NEVER lets go because I missed you too-

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*hugs and cuddles* I missed you. I was wondering where you were. You missed the 3 drunk Peter’s on Sunday night though XD

-clings tightly too- I missed you too! I was hiding. No, I was just really busy. Also my weekend was hectic so I wasn’t really around. I DID! NOOOO! That’s not fair. I’m sad that I missed that. 

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-gives eternal love- life doesn’t make you a horrible person. You’re still uber lovely and i adore the fuck outta you. <3

-clings too- Oh shush it! I know it doesn’t the not being here part does. <3 

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What I owe;


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Other shit;

Icons for the promo I did

                                          If you are not on here and should be, let me know.

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