Neal went bright red and nodded stupidly, unable to take his eyes off of the god standing in front of him. Surely he was dreaming. Why would anyone this hot want to talk to him?

               Derek raised a brow slightly as he looked at the other. He let out a low laugh and smirked. He reached over and ran his thumb along Neal’s reach cheeks. “Are you sure about that? You seem a little nervous.” 

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Scott growled, biting harder at the older man’s neck for that comment. Scott tore Derek’s pants open as he sucked a mark into his neck. “Would you rather me be doing this to someone else? Letting them moan for their alpha instead of you?”

     Derek whined at the bite to his neck. He wiggled under Scott a little and smirked up at his Alpha. “If I wanted you to do this with someone else, I would have kicked you out of my bed before you got too comfortable.” He grinned and rolled his hips up against Scott. 

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Neal grins and leads him to the bar, ordering them both a beer ‘So I’m Neal. Who are you?

Derek smirks and follows after Neal. He tilted his head to the side and raised a brow. “Pleasure to meet you, Neal. I’m Derek.”

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Neal gulps as the man makes his way over. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. It wasn’t like a guy that attractive would actually be interested in him

Derek watched the other for a few more moments before he walked over to him. He stood next to him and tilted his head to the side with a smirk. “You okay there, kid?” He asked as he turned and ordered himself a drink. He turned his attention back to the other with a light smile.

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A Night In | Derek x Isaac


      Isaac grinned mischieviously at Derek. A moan left his lips at the tug to his hair. “I’m sure you know,” he practically purred as he slid one of his legs between Derek’s.

      Leaning up, he nipped gently at the other wolf’s bottom lip before kissing him. Long arms worked their way around Derek’s shoulder as Isaac moved to straddle his leg and grind gently against it.

               Derek smirked at Isaac and let out a low laugh. “Yeah, I think I do know.” He teased with a grin. He wrapped his arms around Isaac’s waist and groaned as he felt the other grinding down against him.

              He rolled his hips up to meet Isaac’s and gripped onto Isaac’s hair to tilt the other’s head to the side. He attached his lips to the other’s pulse point and sucked a mark against his skin. He knew that it wouldn’t last very long, but he still like to leave a mark against his skin. 


Peter groaned at the way the other was pressing back against his finger’s. He growled as he finally was sure that the other was prepped enough. He slowly pulled his finger’s out and then slicked his cock up. He positioned himself at the other’s hole and began to slowly push into him. ” God you are so tight. And so hot for me. I love fucking into you pup. After he was fully inside the other he pulled back and began to thrust inside of him. He moaned at that feeling. He soon was thrusting into him hard and fast. ” This what you need pup?” 

Derek closed his eyes and whined as he felt his Uncle pull his fingers out of him. He bit his bottom lip and tried to hold back a moan as he felt Peter slowly pushing inside of him. He gripped onto Peter’s shoulders and breathed out a moan. “All for you Peter.” He breathed out and tightened around his Uncle inside of him. He nodded his head and pushed back to meet his Uncle’s thrusts. “Yeah. Please.” He turned his head and pressed his lips against Peter’s neck. 



          ❝ We both know I like you better naked. Clothes get just in the way. ❞ Katherine smirked in reply as fingers moved down to his jeans. Undoing them before hands slipped inside, pushing them off his hips until they fell the rest of the way on their own. Pushing him down on the couch, leaving it to him to kick the denim away, as she straddled the wolf.

                  Derek smirked at her words. “Mm, yes we both do know that. Just as much as I like you better naked, Kitty Kat.” He smirked and licked his lips as he looked down to watch her. He grinned and placed his hands on her hips as she straddle him. He kicked his jeans away and pulled Katherine in for a deep kiss.