Lydia considers the offer for a moment, despite not exactly having anything else to change into—unless she wants to walk home soaking wet, or ruin her car seats. Neither of those are particularly things that she wants to do, if she’s brutally honest with herself. So she nods, the start of a smile curling up her lips for a moment. “Yeah, thanks—“ she cut off at the next thing said, smirked. Lydia didn’t try and hide it either. “Yeah, I didn’t think you’d want to be.” If only she’d been given that choice, but it was too late now, and what was done had been done. At least she didn’t have to stand there, dripping onto the floor, for too long.

Derek nodded his head softly and smiled at her. “No problem.” He turned around and started to walk towards his dresser. Since the living room was pretty much his bedroom as well, he didn’t have to go far to get the clothes. He went through the drawers until he found what he needed for Lydia. “Nope, not at all.” He smirked a little and walked back over to Lydia. “Here you go, they should fit. But might be a little big on you. Sorry.” He made a face and held out the clothes for her.

in defense of


Derek’s voice was so clear. It should be easy, he thought, so easy to just turn his hand in Derek’s and wrap his fingers around his hand. To open his eyes and his mouth. To say Derek’s name.

But every flutter of his eyes, every twitch of his finger was exhausting. Everything still hurt. How long had he been on the hospital and shouldn’t he be feeling better?

He concentrated harder, tried to fight the panic that came in waves. His finger twitched again, and then again. He would have been panting for breath if not for the ventilator. He tried to anyways, his body recognizing the exertion of just that one movement but the tube down his throat choked him and a faint, choking groan forced it’s way out of his throat.

Derek looked at Stiles’ hand and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. But he frowned and quickly looked up when he heard the sound of Stiles chocking.

"Hold on, I’ll go get a nurse." He spoke softly with a nod of his head. He stood up and pressed a kiss to Stiles’ hand before he let go of it and left the room. He looked around until he found a nurse. He told her what was going on and quickly went back to the room.

"The nurse is going to get the doctor so they can take that thing out." He whispered as he sat back down and took the other’s hand back into his own. "I knew you’d be okay. I knew you’d come back." He breathed out trying not to cry. Even if they were happy tears. All he needed now was for Stiles to wake completely.

He had to move back when the nurses and Doctor came in to check over Stiles. He turned away when they took the tube out of him so he could breath on his own. 

Another one?


     ”You know I’d never do that, Derek. I have no reasons to do it and even then because you have all helped me with figuring myself out. You do have bunny teeth, have you parted your lips in front of a mirror and look at them? Why? Don’t you like to be tickled? Or you don’t like to laugh?”


         ”Well, good then. I do not have bunny teeth. Why does everyone keep saying that? It’s not true. My teeth are perfectly fine.I do not like to be tickled and I do not like to laugh either. I have no reason for either of them.”

Strangers at a Masquerade | Derek & Danny |


       ”It sometimes depends on my mood or how terrible my day was,” Danny chuckled lightly as he finished his glass. He placed the glass down and signal the bartender that he was done for the moment. 

       ”They would agree there,” Danny smiled at the other man. “By the way, I’m Danny. Pleasure to meet you.” He added before continuing their conversation. “Well, that sounds like your friend decided to ditch you or got distracted.” He sucked on his bottom lip, “You might find a reason to stay longer, but you will have to see. I can leave whenever I want. I drove myself so I just would have to let my friend know I’m leaving. Unless, I have a reason, too, to stay a while.”

         ”Well I’d say that today is one of those terrible days.” He teased as he looked at the other with a smirk. He watched as he finished off his drink. He couldn’t help the low laugh that slipped pass his lips. He took a sip from his second drink and watched the other. 

         ”Pleasure is all mine, Danny. I’m Derek.” He nodded his head softly before tilting his head to the side. “I think she’s just being an ass and just decided not to show up.” He shook his head with a smile. “I didn’t drive, I took a taxi. I’d rather not try and drive to places like this if I know there is going to be drinking. Not that I drink that much, it’s just other’s driving afterwards.” He smiled at the other. “I think you and I both might just have a reason to stay a while, or even leave.” He grinned.

Hard Day | Derek x Ethan


"You like that I don’t bend to your will all the time. But I do respect you." Ethan smiled at his words. "Good because that would just be cruel. And who can stay mad at my handsome face?" He asked wearing a large smirk. 

"No one could ever satisfy you the way I can. So the wolf would be wasting time." He groaned loudly as his hair was pulled again. "whatever master." He pulled off his cock and suddenly thrust into him. "Better bitch?"

"I know that you respect me, it’s one of the things I like best about you. And I agree, I do enjoy that you don’t bend at my will. But I do like it when you bend." He teased with a lick of his lips. "Mm, I don’t know. I am sure someone out there can stay mad at you." 

"That might not be true, I am sure I could given him a few lessons so the other wolf could take care of me and and to please me." He let out a low laugh and shook his head. He moaned when he felt Ethan thrust into him. "Just becuase you’re fucking me, doesn’t make me the bitch here."

| littlestripedwarrior |


"You know, you talking so much about your topless self is making your threats a little less.. threateny."


                 ”Who’s threatening? I know that I’m not, if I was making threats you’d surely know about them. But I can promise you that I’m not.” 


           The teen had been pacing around in his room for the longest time, attempting to figure out a nice way to slip out of his bedroom. He had gotten lucky the other day and somehow managed to leave the White House without any supervision whatsoever which was more than satisfying for him seeing as it could become overbearing, but that had also sent his dad’s supervisor into a frenzy to go and find him. She had never let his dad hear about the day his son left without an agent to follow him—she had taken care of everything herself so not the alarm the man of higher power. To make sure Stiles stayed out of trouble, well.. Derek happened.

           The president’s son poked his head out of the door of his room, hazel orbs searching for the taller male, immediately focusing on him. “How long are you gonna stand there? You’ve got to get tired at somepoint, Derek,” Stiles stated, eyebrows quirking upwards as he spoke, leaning against the doorframe. “I mean aren’t you hungry by now or something?”



          Derek had no idea how the hell he got this job or even why he accepted it in the first place. He knew the president’s son was a handful, he heard all the stories and had to listen to people he knew go on and on about how the kid always seemed to get himself in some kind of trouble. It wasn’t something Derek ever thought he’d be doing for a job. Following the damn kid around and making sure neither of them got into trouble. What fun was that going to be? He’d end up getting fired in no time, he just knew it.

          He was always standing just outside whatever room the kid was in, not paying attention to anyone around them, unless they looked too suspicious. He raised a brow at the kids words and shook his head. “I am not hungry, don’t worry about me kid. I had a big breakfast before I came here today.” He nodded his head, folding his arms across his chest with a huffed out breath. “Besides, you know that I am going to stand here all day and follow you around wherever you go, so just get used to it.” 

Stay with me //



    “Lets go lay down, and just cuddles in bed for hours."


    “I won't." Tugging Derek as close as he could to his body."I love you, Derek." Nuzzling his face into the wolfs hair.

                    “Sounds like a good idea to me.” 

           He wrapped his arms as tightly around Stiles as he could without hurting the other. “I love you too, Stiles. You know I always will.”